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Quebec, January 22, 2000 – Marc Pouliot, sound engineer, musician, composer and performer from Cap Rouge, Quebec, already winner of a Felix award for the Instrumental Album of the Year in 1999 at the 21st Gala de L’ADISQ for his CD, Deep Sleep, is again recognized with an inscription in the most recent edition of the World Book of Inventions – 2000 Years of Creations Serving Man, by the French author Valerie-Anne Giscard D’Estaing. In addition, his albums are now distributed in Switzerland and Germany.


Deep Sleep and Concentration and Positive Thinking have made headlines in several magazines and newspapers with more than 50 articles written about them. More than 45,000 copies of Deep Sleep have been sold in Quebec so far. Deep Sleep is aimed at helping those who have trouble sleeping by regularizing their situation as they listen to the soft music, which uses specific Delta waves.


In 1999, Marc Pouliot continued to do research on music and its effects on human behavior. A second CD, Concentration and Positive Thinking was the result. The effects of this CD are aimed at creating a mode of positive thinking, which can improve listeners’ concentration and motivation. This album was also nominated by Gala de l’ADISQ in the Instrumental Album of the Year - category. Concentration and Positive Thinking has already sold more than 15,000 copies in Quebec.


Presently, Marc Pouliot is working on a CD simulating the sensory-motor reactions that occur during a physical training program. This project is now in the testing stage, in collaboration with sports medicine specialists.


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