Midi-Plus (Midi - Musical Instrument Digital Interface) has started its operation in 1985.  Its main activities were related to computer aided musical production.  Software development of tools to control and edit synthesizers have raised the interest of other software developers.  These tools greatly ease development of control and data acquisition applications.

Consequently, the computer aspect of the corporation has taken more importance to become the main direction of Midi-Plus.  Computer tools and consulting in Software Engineering has become Midi-Plus' expertise, allowing clients to develop their applications more rapidly with less experienced programmers.

Midi-Plus also generates the backbone of applications that can be completed, afterwards, by the customers themselves.  This allows the client for controlling the software maintenance at a level that is rarely reached by applications developed by a third party.  Solutions offered by Midi-Plus often use as a basis existing commercial tools.  Commercial tools are sometimes to general or complex, they do not always satisfy the requirements for less standard applications.  Midi-Plus developed software solutions adapted to the client : product extensions, high level software layer design .

Midi-Plus' direction has now come back to its original corporative directions : the musical domain.  However, its expertise in the software development area (see list of contracts further down) has helped in the development of digital processing techniques which have lead to the different BrightWaves products.

Here are, in brief, some Midi-Plus' realizations.

Adisq - Instrumental Album of the Year (99)

The Sommeil Profond (Deep Sleep) album has received a Félix from the ADISQ for the instrumental album of the year.

The album Concentration et Pensée Positive (Focus and Positive Thinking ) has received a nomination for the instrumental album of the year.

Midi Sequences Humanization

In 1996, research about the Humanization of MIDI sequences, taking place in California and Quebec, helped a better understanding of the theoretical approach of human musical production.  This research has led indirectly to other types of research concerning brain waves and music.

The Cerebral Waves Project

From 1996 to now, this project is the main activity of Midi-Plus Consultants inc..  This research has led to the concept which wanted to validate the capability of inducing brain waves by resonance by producing them over studio tracks with digital signal processing.  The Deep Sleep CD has validated the concept.  Other avenues are explored but the data and effect are sometimes difficult to verify.  For more details, select Cerebral Waves Project.

In order to develop the Expertise in Software development was required to create the software development 

In order to develop the  products, an expertise in software development was necessary.  Midi-Plus has worked during many years developing software for other companies and governments as shown in the following list Software Development Contracts.