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Deep Sleep - Delta Waves

Development of Deep Sleep


Midi-Plus has been working on computer-generated music, sound engineering and software development since 1985.


Deep Sleep was developed with the help of a psychologist who is a renowned expert in sleep problems.


The results of experiments and trials were so positive that a decision was made to offer Deep Sleep to as many people as possible.




It may seem a little far-fetched that you can fall asleep more easily just by listening to music containing waves that imitate those produced in the brain of a soundly sleeping person. But it's easy to verify.


Just try it…


A few nights of Deep Sleep will be enough to convince you.


How Does It Work?


Science discovered long ago that the brain emits waves. We also know that the various levels or states of consciousness (waking, sleeping, thinking, meditating, etc.) generate different types of waves.


We used these research results to develop Deep Sleep.


The principle involves emitting specific waves that let the brain resonate to the basic frequencies typical of a particular state of consciousness.


By generating the same types of waves (Delta waves) produced during deep sleep, the brain can be made to synchronize itself with this natural state (deep sleep).


Scientific Approach


Marc Pouliot, who was in charge of the Deep Sleep project at Midi-Plus Consultants Inc., has helped develop numerous software programs and concepts throughout his career. He was project manager for a number of organizations, including Bell-Northern Research, Communications Research Center and Communications Security Establishment. He has worked on a great number of contracts for the Defense Research Establishment Valcartier. He has also conducted music research: the humanization of computer-aided production, the effect of music on human behavior, etc. He has always been fascinated by the importance of music in our daily lives.


He has also developed various wave-generating techniques in the area of cerebral wave frequencies.


He was himself both intrigued and skeptical at the outset. However, he used a rigorous, professional approach to develop methods and software programs to produce a product that will teach people to sleep soundly again.


He is currently working on other energy-boosting products.


Clinical Studies


Among the normal sleep phases: light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep: only deep sleep allows you to really and truly regain your energy. Deep Sleep makes it easier to attain this phase.


Tell us about your experiences with Deep Sleep. Other sleep, relaxation and stimulation products are on the drawing board. So let us know what you need : perhaps we have a solution for you.


What to expect: The first few days, you may have the impression that you are "sinking into your mattress." This is normal. A number of people have told us that they have trouble getting up in the morning. This is because they are still suffering from a lack of deep sleep. Depending on the length of time you have had trouble sleeping before using Deep Sleep, getting up in the morning may still be a problem in the beginning, but will gradually disappear and give way to shorter and more restful sleep phases.

Anyone can awake feeling refreshed and full of energy, thanks to Deep Sleep !




Deep Sleep contains no subliminal messages.


Unlike other methods, the more you use it the more effective it becomes. The beneficial effect doesn't fade with use.


Compact disks are more effective because of the superior sound quality and because they contain an additional program.


The product should not be used by people suffering from epilepsy, psychiatric problems or brain disorders. If in doubt,

consult your doctor to find out about how Delta waves might affect you.


You should not listen to this product when driving or doing tasks requiring intense concentration.


You can, however, use it at normal volumes to produce a relaxing ambiance.


And, obviously, it should be used every night at very low volumes as an effective way to lull you to sleep.


Sound Levels


Because Delta waves are very low frequency waves (0.5 to 1.43 Hertz), they propagate efficiently. You can benefit from them even when you aren't in the same room as your sound system. As long as you can hear the music, and the loudspeakers face the room in which you are listening, you should benefit from the effect. Ideally, however, the CD should be playing in the room where you are sleeping or relaxing.


In the beginning, keep the volume low enough not to wake up but high enough to benefit from the sleep-inducing effect.


Happy Sleeping!


You won’t believe your ears !




Not habit-forming

More and more effective with use

No special equipment required

Useful to create a relaxing ambiance

Ideal for calming agitated children

Perfect for recovering when you work nights or are on-call


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Experience deep, relaxing sleep with 

The Cerebral Waves Project

In every day life we recognize the importance of music. Music is dear to all human beings; their tastes can even reflect their social status, their belonging to a group, etc. The kind of music people listen to is usually representative of the mentality of those people in a specific era. Music is composed of audible waves (20 to 20,000 Hz). We must use some energy (electric, magnetic or mechanic) to generate waves which can be captured and become sources of energy. This applies to all types of waves: microwaves, infra-red, X-Ray, etc...


While applying these principles at the level of the cerebral waves, we can assume that an "ambiance" is composed of cerebral waves that can be captured mechanically by the cranium, then, by the mastoid cells and finally by the brain. It is this theory of work that we have verified experimentally. First, we must create a system that can generate cerebral waves. Second, we must be able to claim the effects.


Here are the five principal types of waves or vibrations observed by encephalogram: Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma waves. They have been known for about 50 years.



The Alpha waves range from 8 to 12 Hertz (Hz = Vibrations per second) and reflect a state of light relaxation. We often recognize their power to improve the capacity of learning and we observe them in people that have positive thoughts or are in a good self-esteem state.



The Beta waves exceed 13 Hz (<40 Hz) and constitute the normal waking state of stress or anxiety. They can be combined with other types of waves to regulate the effects at the level of consciousness. They are present when intense exchange, arguments or debates occur and when the brain is actively engaged in mental processing.



The Theta waves range from 4 to 7 Hz and are present at the time of deep relaxation or meditation. They are found in daydreams or while driving on a highway. Like meditation, they can increase, on the long-run, the level capacity of memory and focus. Ideas generated in this mode are often of the "tolerant" type.



The Delta waves range from 1 to 4 Hz. They are found in the phase of deep sleep which can improve the immune functions. They must not be present at the time of focusing activities.



The Gamma waves exceed 200 Hz and research has not yet confirmed their exact role.


Phases of the Cerebral Waves Project

The first phase of this cerebral waves project was directed towards our assumption of being able to influence the state of the consciousness (awakening, sleep) while generating cerebral waves corresponding to the state of consciousness.


The choice of the Delta waves for the first part of the project was obvious: it is relatively easy to observe the improvement of sleep. It is easier to notice that we sleep well than to realize that we are more awake. The results of a one year test on 1,000 people, confirmed our studies and work. On the 1,000 people, only 20 people did not have the expected results. Deep Sleep was the result of this experimentation.


At the same, testing was done to influence the awakening process. Knowing that we could impact on the state of consciousness, we focused more on the effects than on the number of users. We tested many parameters with the awakening waves on users. The product Focus & Positive Thinking is a result of this experimenting: it gives a soft, pleasurable feeling that constantly seems to improve morale and attitudes in general. It seems to help particularly overcoming procrastination. While the user may wish to procrastinate or put it off for the next day, listening to Focus & Positive Thinking will help motivate him/her enough to overcome (otherwise) inevitable procrastination. In addition, Focus & Positive Thinking seems to help keep drivers awake while driving on the road even though we cannot guarantee it for the moment.


Just like physiotherapy, we can affirm that constancy and repetition guarantee obvious, positive results. The more we practice, the better we become; the more we use it, the better the results.


Deep Sleep is an exercise for the brain to resume "normal" sleeping habits. Focus & Positive Thinking is also an exercise for the brain that allows you to develop a positive attitude towards daily obstacles, stimulate a clear will to move ahead and increase someone’s attention span as much as his/her level of concentration.


The digital processing that adjusts the cerebral waves can distort the music: putting the volume a little lower than normal is advisable. Even lower volume will prove efficient.


BrightWaves and Deep Sleep are products/trademarks of Midi-Plus Consultants Inc.