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Focus & Positive Thinking

For people who have difficulty focusing

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Focus & Positive Thinking was developed with numerous processing techniques that are trademarks of Midi-Plus, the company that earlier released the successful Deep Sleep album. Focus & Positive Thinking has also been enhanced by findings that compare the utilization of biofeedback by electro-encephalogram (EEG) and the utilization of psycho-stimulant medications. The studies show that the use of EEG biofeedback is as reliable as the medication used for awareness defects and hyperactivity problems. Furthermore, the benefits of the medications are on a short term basis and the stimulants imply side effects that cannot be neglected. If the medical treatment is stopped, the benefits will disappear. Some studies tend to demonstrate that effects gained from EEG biofeedback treatments last longer and post treatment awareness exams score higher that those obtained from the medications. These scientific studies and their conclusions were the basis for the development of Focus & Positive Thinking.


Biofeedback Therapy by EEG


The biofeedback therapy by EEG consists in generating cerebral waves specifically from the patient. It is a training strategy where the patient can modify his/her cerebral waves. The patient must show up in person to his/her clinician for approximately twenty one-hour sessions where he/she will learn to modify his/her cerebral waves. When the specific alpha waves are generated, a sound will be heard. The level or intensity of the cerebral waves are perceived visually as well. This way, the patient learns to generate his/her waves by him/herself. The objective of this therapy is to diminish theta waves(daydreaming) and increase beta waves (awareness).


The training partially consists (10 minutes) in active concentrating (focusing), in which the patient is asked to increase the generating of beta waves while facing a computer screen. Then, the visual and sound feedback helps the patient to generate the intended waves. Reading activities may then take place, while obtaining the biofeedback by EEG from the computer. This alternative therapy, with positive results (increasing of the intellectual quotient and diminishing of unawareness), requires sophisticated equipment and rarely available competence. These treatments may turn out to be very costly.


"The EEG biofeedback is not a cure to awareness and hyperactivity defects. Nonetheless, there is more and more evidence that supports the conclusion that EEG biofeedback, often used in the context of a program of multi-modal treatments, leads to a normalization of behavior and can improve academic performance on a long term basis. It can also improve social comportment and the general adjusting to life for those who suffer from hyperactivity and awareness deficiencies."




Following the results of the studies on EEG biofeedback, we used the same frequencies as the Lubar protocol while attempting to moderate the presence of theta waves. Furthermore, we added alpha waves, which are present during peaceful relaxation, to obtain a group and a sequence of cerebral waves favorable to focusing and positive thinking. The product "Focus & Positive Thinking" is a BrightWaves® training product designed to generate our own cerebral waves helped by the presence of the same type of cerebral waves added to the music. This training tool targets the same basic objectives that the EEG biofeedback treatment does, which means: learning to modify our own cerebral waves. This product, though, has the advantage of being effortless and easier to use, with no special equipment needed.




Focus & Positive Thinking can be listened to throughout the day to stimulate our intellectual or motor activities. While driving, while working, or during studies, it is interesting to recognize its efficacy. The effect of increasing the focusing and positive thinking is easier to notice when the user is subject to low reliability (productivity): exhaustion , low morale, too many tasks to execute, irritating environment and stress.




Some people will feel the benefits during the first session. We suggest that you use the product on a steady basis for approximately twenty hours (it is preferable to use Focus & Positive Thinking everyday instead of once a week). It is also better to use it several hours in a row. If you feel that the music is too overwhelming (or disturbing), play the music at a low volume: the cerebral waves will still be present and active.


Natural, effortless, no addiction, no special equipment necessary! Focus & Positive Thinking does not contain any subliminal messages. Repeat listening to Focus & Positive Thinking creates a mode of positive thinking that can improve motivation and focusing.

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