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Deep Sleep



I really do find Sommeil Profond a useful sleep aide.

I am a family physician (omnipraticien) and sometimes when I am all keyed up I find it difficult to sleep. Your CD always does the trick!

Merci !



"It really helps me fall asleep, and I sleep very soundly." I.P., student, 15 years old.


"I take it along when I travel !" L.S., salesman, 32 years old.


"I used to wake up several times a night. It was a pleasant surprise to discover a natural, musical, and inaudible way to fall asleep and stay asleep until I wake up in the morning. The CD has become my trusted nightly companion." D.T., nurse, 43 years old.


"It isn't Beethoven, but it sure as heck puts me to sleep." P.B., 53 years old.


"After months of sleeping poorly, I'm finally able to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead. These waves are really fantastic. Even the most skeptical will be convinced." Y.A., 68 years old.


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"For two weeks this CD (Focus and Positive Thinking) has been playing all day longÖ My focusing has increased fivefold since then. Its incredibleÖ Thank you! "  D.M. , Businessman

For me, Focus really works.  When I don't feel like studying, I use Focus and I can study for hours.  I. L. (CEGEP Student)



I wanted to write and let you know how satisfied I am with the CD, Deep Sleep with delta waves. My daughter has been having night terrors every night since she was about 18 months old, right up until I had her listen to the CD every night for 12 hours a night. The night terrors stopped "overnight"- on June 15, 1999, to be precise. She was exactly 3 and a half years old. We stopped the "music" on about November 15 and my daughter has not had any night terrors since.*

Thank you very much

A father who is sleeping better now

*Approximately 5% of children experience night terrors. Symptoms are periods of shouting and crying that last from 5 to 30 minutes each night, often several times a night, a real nightmare for the parents. They are not to be confused with dreams, nightmares or sleepwalking which are completely different.



I am just writing to tell you that the CD, Deep Sleep is wonderful. I use my CD every time I go to bed. I never had any problems sleeping, but with Deep Sleep I noticed that my sleep is even deeper that usual and I wake up in great shape, no matter what the time. My wife also uses it and she gets the same benefits. My ex-brother-in-law uses it, too and he sleeps very well compared to before.

Keep up the good work!

Have a great dayÖ



A little note to congratulate you for your CD, Deep Sleep.

After losing many hours of sleep because of violent headaches, I could never really recuperate. When I did sleep, I felt like I was only half-asleep.

In my case the process was quite long. It took about 6 months before I noticed a slight change and another 6 months to start sleeping really deeply, enough not to hear the alarm clock. Iíd sleep for 10 to 12 hours a night and wake up feeling like I was drunk. For the past 2 weeks, everything seems to be getting back to normal. I have started to hear the alarm clock again and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

I think it took a long time for me because I started with pretty severe sleeping problems. One thing Iíve noticed is that now after a headache, I recuperate much faster.


I have never slept this well in my life, even before the headaches.


I have been using Deep Sleep and I am still very satisfied with it. I started using the CD at a time when I was physically exhausted. I had been completely buried in my professional activities, which were very demanding. I was working too much. The CD helped me to sleep better because it sounds different from other kinds of music. I liked the element of surprise. Since the sounds are not what I am used to hearing, that helped me concentrate on them and also took my mind off work.

At first, I was just looking for something to help me relax, so even the length of time it took to listen to the CD was helpful, but I didnít really think I would sleep better or sleep more. Maybe it was a combination of factors- the quiet time put aside to listen to the CD Ė the sense of calm that came from that Ė I really concentrated on the sounds. To my great surprise, I started to sleep for periods of an hour, and then entire nights.

In conclusion, I am very happy that the CD Deep Sleep was available because it truly helped me relax so that, little by little, I could sleep again. My heath has greatly improved, not overnight, but gradually, because at last I can sleep.

Some people are sceptical of anything that isnít "traditional medicine". It takes time to change the way people think! Anyway, I didnít wait for evaluation results of the CD to be able to appreciate its advantages. I donít hesitate to use it when I need it and there are no side effects.




As a medical student, I admire the ingenuity of your new product "Deep Sleep" and I find it makes a great deal of sense. Through your ingenuity, you were able to respond to a need and use technology to help people.


Graduate, Faculty of Medicine



Iím 29 years old, and I must admit that I often have trouble sleeping (stress, too much sugar, go to be late, get up late, limited space in bedÖ). Also, I recently had terrible insomnia that lasted several months. As a consequence I woke up in the morning exhausted, and just felt like sleeping all day. Often, when my boyfriend suggested that we go out in the evening or on the weekend, it seemed like a mountain, to me. Finally I decided that I had to do something about this, so I changed some bad habits. No more deserts after supper, with the exception of fruit. I went to bed earlier, which allowed me to get 8 or 9 hours sleep. Then I bought your CD, Deep Sleep. I have to tell you that at first I was pretty sceptical, though quite curious. Itís been two months since I started putting all these little habits into practice and it is absolutely incredible how WELL I sleep now. I feel refreshed every morning, I feel more positive at work and at night I have enough energy for activities or things that need to be done. And, of course, I still go to bed early. I donít know if all this is a result of listening to your music or of a combination of all the things I mentioned. Whatever it is, I sincerely believe that listening to the CD added an important touch to the good sleep habits that I hope to be keeping for a long time to come. At first my boyfriend, who was more sceptical than me, liked to make fun of me when I started listening to the CD. Now he wants to use it all the time!



Dear Mr. Pouliot,

I bought your CD, Deep Sleep. I noticed positive effects on my sleep, as much on the quality as on the quantity.


I really like your compact disc. I am now listening to it for the third time and it makes me relax immediately. The soft sounds get my attention if my thoughts wander and ease me into deep relaxation and sleep. Up to this point, I can relax and sleep for about 30 minutes, which is enough to reenergize me.

I am very happy to have discovered the CD. The idea of using only sounds is excellent. I have tried other methods of relaxation for which I had to concentrate on words, breathing, ideas, my muscles etc. I find your CD works better for me and I felt a beneficial effect from the first time I listened to it.


I bought the album, Deep Sleep two days ago. My digestion has improved since I started listening to it! I am sleeping and digesting my food better. Today is the first day in weeks that Iíve felt in such good shape. If I hadnít been woken up this morning, I would probably still be sleeping! My boyfriend always teases me about my new discoveries but he is in the same boat as me. He spent all day yesterday complaining about feeling wrecked after sleeping with my new discovery but I know itís because he finally rested, after weeks, even months without any real rest. Today he feels great. Imagine having sleeping problems at 18! My boyfriend is 20. Well, I thank you very, very much for this product. It is the best present anyone ever gave me.