Questions and Answers

Below are answers to questions we have been asked by users of Deep Sleep and Concentration and Positive Thinking.

How long will it take before I start to feel the effects of Deep Sleep?

Usually, it takes about 20 hours or approximately 3 normal 8-hour nights, but many people notice the effect on the first night. We suggest using it in "repeat" mode every night. If you do not have repeat mode, it may take longer (an hour a night for 21 nights). If you have been taking medication, we recommend that you use Deep Sleep for 3 weeks before judging its effect. If you have had major problems with insomnia for any length of time, you could try Deep Sleep for up to 3 months. One thing is certain, the more you use Deep Sleep, the more its effect it will be noticed. The effect of BrightWaves products can be compared to physiotherapy. Physiotherapy offers adapted exercises with a progressive effect. BrightWaves products also offer adapted exercises with a progressive effect.

How long will it take before I start to feel the effects of Concentration and Positive Thinking?

The same time is recommended for Concentration and Positive Thinking as for Deep Sleep, about 20 hours. It may be more convenient to use it for 4 hours a day for 5 consecutive days, rather than 10 hours a day for 2 consecutive days but the longer it is used, the faster the reaction will be. The ideal would be to use it for 8 consecutive hours, a whole working day, 3 days in a row. However, listening to the same music for 8 consecutive hours requires keeping the volume very low. It is recommended that you adjust the volume to the point where you feel comfortable. If you find the music a little irritating, it is too loud for you and you are experiencing too much stimulation from the waves. Lower the volume until you can just barely hear the sound coming out of the speakers. Then use Concentration and Positive Thinking as often as possible. There is no limit to how much you can listen to it (at low volume).

Should I put the volume up high to hear the music? If I canít hear the music, will there still be waves?

Adjust the volume so the music doesnít disturb you. Some people enjoy falling asleep to music and others donít. You can play the music very softly so that you hear just a few notes. The BrightWaves are not audible, but need the support of the music. Do not turn the volume down completely.

How do the BrightWaves products, Deep Sleep and Concentration and Positive Thinking work?

Based on scientific evidence, BrightWaves products use music to generate brain waves that correspond to states or levels of consciousness. The goal of BrightWaves products is to induce the desired state (sleep, concentration, physical activity, etc.) through contact with the waves.

What is a state of consciousness?

A state of consciousness is simply, for example, to be asleep or awake.

I tried Deep Sleep last night and I slept for a really long time and very deeply. Will I always have to use it?

No. The more you use it, the more you will feel its effect. However, once you return to a normal sleep cycle, you can use it as needed, even though itís fine to use it every day. For example, if you go on a trip, you donít need to bring it with you in order to sleep well. You will find that your quality of sleep, in general, has improved. We have observed that long-term use has interesting results. In theory, the immune system recharges in the phase of deep sleep. Many people notice that after regular use (every night) over a period of several months, they seem to be less susceptible to colds and flu.

I take antidepressants. I tried Deep Sleep and it doesnít seem to work for me.

We have noticed that people who use antidepressants seem to get fewer results after using Deep Sleep for a short period of time. They are often not as happy with the results as people who are not taking medications are. However, some people taking antidepressants are also very satisfied with the product, and tell us how well it is working for them. We suggest you persevere for several weeks to see if you might experience some effect. Concentration and Positive Thinking seems to work even for people on antidepressants. The positive effects of listening to the CD are noticeable.

The effect of alcohol on Deep Sleep

The comments that Deep Sleep users have made about this point are as follows. It seems that a reasonable consumption of wine, one or two glasses, does not appear to counteract the effect of Deep Sleep. However, beer and other alcoholic beverages seem to have a stimulating effect and do not help a person to fall asleep. There have been no comments or specific effects noted on combining alcoholic beverages the use of Concentration and Positive Thinking.

Does Deep Sleep work for children?

In fact, Deep Sleep probably works even better for children than for adults. Children normally have more extensive phases of deep sleep than adults do. As a person ages, the amount of time spent in deep sleep phases diminishes proportionally. Using Deep Sleep with children proves that the effect is not merely psychological. The child, who does not necessarily know about Deep Sleepís effect on falling asleep, reacts positively. Children 1 or 2 years old or even babies respond particularly well. We do not recommend the CD for children under 16 weeks old because their sleep cycle has not yet stabilised. An interesting application for children who are a little older is the famous "crazy hour", or the noisy period between 5 and 7 p.m. When the CD is played at a very low volume in an environment in which children are present, we have noticed that they calm down quickly after unknowingly listening to it for 15 to 20 minutes!

Does Deep Sleep work for elderly people?

Often, Deep Sleep will be very effective for people who do not take many medications. In general, age does not influence the perceived effect and elderly people greatly appreciate BrightWaves products.

I am deaf in one ear. Should I wear my hearing aid while I sleep?

In fact, surprisingly, Deep Sleep works even for people with hearing problems. The theoretical explanation is that BrightWaves waves (infrasonic vibrations) are picked up by the mastoid cells or the whole body and not only by the ears. So, you donít have to wear your hearing aid.

Can you generate waves less than 4 hertz with speakers?

This is the result of digital treatment techniques (engineering techniques developed by Midi-Plus Consultants inc.). The resulting brain waves (infrasonic vibrations) are present thanks to frequency additions and multiplications. Audible waves are generated, which when they are combined, generate very low, inaudible frequencies. To do this, a stereo system must be used (with no special effects) and the two speakers must be connected.

Do your BrightWaves products have any effects on animals?

Deep Sleep seems to work for dogs, but seems to have no calming effects on cats. However, many users noticed that their cats appeared to become more awake and more attentive to them. Suggestion: leave Deep Sleep on all day if your cat stays indoors, and let us know happens! No effect on domestic animals has been noted for Concentration and Positive Thinking.

I have epilepsy and I saw the comment about epilepsy inside the album cover. Please explain.

We are not doctors but we know that people with epilepsy can be more susceptible to reactions to low frequencies. Some epileptics can even have seizures caused by being close to an elevator. That is why there is a warning. We suggest that you check with your doctor to see whether or not there would be a problem for you to use certain types of waves (Delta, Alpha, Beta,). If in doubt, consult your doctor. If your doctor recommends that you do not use it, we will reimburse you. But, there are, in fact, many epileptics whose seizures are controlled, who suffer from insomnia and who use Deep Sleep and BrightWaves products with success.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Can I use BrightWaves products?

We have noticed that if Deep Sleep is used at the beginning of the diagnosis, the results are very positive. The longer the person suffering from fibromyalgia has been on medication, the less extensive the effect of Deep Sleep will be, but it can still be effective. The Fibromyalgia Association of Quebec recommends using Deep Sleep to improve your sleep and Concentration and Positive Thinking for daily activities. They will lend them to you for a while so you can see if they have an effect on you  before you buy them at the Associationís special price.  Similar associations can contact us to get the same arrangement.

I am pregnant. Can I use Deep Sleep?

We are not doctors, so if you have doubts, talk to your doctor, who is probably familiar with Delta waves. The effect of Deep Sleep is a little like going to the seashore, but in a more concentrated way. At the seashore, the surf produces Delta pulsations, which in turn generate Delta waves. Deep Sleep simply generates the same type of waves more efficiently and continuously. The question could become the following: Should I go to the seashore?

Iíve been using Deep Sleep for three days and Iím having a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. Whatís happening?

Donít worry. This is probably because you were not getting enough deep sleep. Tell yourself that after a while, depending on how much deep sleep you were lacking, you will recuperate and you will wake up refreshed.

I have been using Deep Sleep for a few nights and it seems to wake me up.

The first thing to do is to check your sound system. Do not use effects like "surround", "delay", and "reverb". They will double the waves and Deep Sleep will then stimulate you rather than help you fall asleep. It is also possible that the connections of your speakers are reversed. The ground wires must be connected correctly on both speakers. Also, if one of the two speakers doesnít work, this can also cause stimulation. It is therefore very important that the two speakers work and that they are working in stereo with no special effects. Using an extension for only one speaker will not work. The BrightWaves are generated between the two speakers.

I donít have a sound system in my bedroom.

You can use Deep Sleep from another room as long as the speakers are directed towards the room you are sleeping in. Since the Delta waves are very low frequency, they pass through the walls. As long as you can hear a little music coming from your sound system, even if it is in another room, the waves will be there. This is a good way to have the whole household benefit from Deep Sleep and other BrightWaves products.

Iíve been using Deep Sleep for a while and I have the impression that it has less of an effect on me, now.

If you look objectively at the actual quality of your sleep, you will probably notice that it has improved a great deal. The effect of sleeping deeply that you felt the first few times you used the CD has become your normal sleep pattern. That is why you donít notice it as much.

Since I started using Deep Sleep, I seem to be dreaming more and having nightmares.

Deep Sleep stimulates the phase of deep sleep and improves your quality of sleep in general. When you sleep better, you remember more of your dreams. Deep Sleep has no effect on dreams. Do not forget that although nightmares, erotic dreams and all kinds of other dreams may be experienced, the only difference is that you remember your dreams more easily after using Deep Sleep because you are now sleeping better. We have had positive comments from people whose night terrors stopped after they used Deep Sleep. Night terrors cause people to wake up confused and frightened from the deep sleep phase. These terrors differ from nightmares, which take place during the paradoxical (REM) sleep phase.   People have reported that children with night terrors have stopped having them with Deep Sleep.

I have the impression that I get anxious when I use Deep Sleep.

This might be because you are in an excited state and instead of going into the phase of sleep related to Delta waves, you stay at the Theta level, a more emotional phase. We suggest that you try to relax and smile deeply, and let go of your fear. In reality, this phase in which emotions are higher is normal in the process of falling asleep. It can last for different lengths of time, depending on the individual.

Should I play Deep Sleep before going to bed or should I wait until I go to bed?

There is no problem listening to it before going to bed. You can put Deep Sleep on either before you go to bed or at bedtime. If you like to read in bed, even though some methods contradict this suggestion, you can begin to relax gradually with Deep Sleep playing softly. Then turn the volume down and let it play very quietly all night in the repeat mode.  You can try the new album "Douceur Enveloppante", for relaxation, which can also be used at higher volume (can be listened instead of heard...)  "Douceur enveloppante" is not designed to be played all night, but is an happy relaxing and soft music (with alpha waves) which can help to fall asleep.

For people who have trouble feeling the effects of Deep Sleep.

Medications, health conditions, or specific states of health could cause this. We recommend that these people listen to Deep Sleep during the day when doing activities that do not require much attention, to train themselves to react better to Delta waves. For stimulation during the day, obviously, the CD, Concentration and Positive Thinking is more appropriate and can be used all day long.

Can I use Concentration and Positive Thinking while I sleep?

If you use Concentration and Positive Thinking while sleeping, you have probably noticed that you dream more. This CD stimulates the paradoxical phase of sleep (REM phase), in which "waking up" waves are present. This is the dreaming phase. Listening to Concentration and Positive Thinking while sleeping can result in a less restful night, full of dreams you will probably remember. This can be an interesting experience, but the objective of Concentration and Positive Thinking was not to improve sleep or increase the number of dreams. It can, in fact, prevent you from sleeping.

I use a cassette and it wakes me up when it changes sides.

Hereís a helpful hint. Put your cassette player in another room and direct the speakers towards your room. Put the volume up high enough so that you can hear the music slightly in your room. The waves will be there and you wonít hear the clicking when the cassette changes sides.

Can we copy these CDs?

Copies of our products do not work. The waves are generated in a very precise way and require professional mastering or copying equipment to conserve the necessary sound quality. However, these products can be played on ordinary and even inexpensive stereo equipment.

When can I use Concentration and Positive Thinking?

In any situation in daily life: in the car, at the office, at home, while studying, while working at the computer, etc. If you use it in the car, you will notice an interesting effect on your driving and your reaction to other drivers. You will be surprised to that you feel less stress and will react less to aggression that may come from other drivers. At the office, it can generate virtual walls around you when you need them. You will not be as bothered by irritants around you such as noise and loud voices. Concentration and Positive Thinking will give you the desire to take action and will prevent you from procrastinating. It is not ideal for pure creativity but it is very effective once your general plan is in place. It would not inspire a poem but if you have been thinking about the theme for a poem for a long time, it will certainly help you to move the ideas from your mind to the paper. Of course, Concentration and Positive Thinking is strongly recommended for studying. We notice that students increase their concentration time from several minutes to several hours. It is really ideal for working at the computer. You can put the CD in the computer with the volume low and the effect is truly remarkable. Efficiency increases. It is also ideal at home when you are feeling blue. Play Concentration and Positive Thinking softly and after about 20 minutes, youíll feel better.

Can I get addicted to Deep Sleep

No. In fact, the more you use it, the more efficient it becomes and the less you actually need it. It will often be helpful but you wonít be obliged to use it permanently. Sleep quality improves. Some people use it for several weeks to solve their sleep problems and then use it again in more stressful periods.

I used Deep Sleep for the first time and slept 16 hours in a row. Is this normal?

This is a comment we often hear. Donít worry. You wonít always sleep for 16 hours each time you use it. You have probably not been getting enough sleep and your system wants to recuperate as quickly as possible. We suggest that people who have not been getting enough sleep begin using Deep Sleep on the weekend.

Can I use Deep Sleep even if I have an herbal tea and a hot bath before going to sleep?

A hot bath will not work against the effect of Deep Sleep, but strangely enough, certain herbal teas containing sedative ingredients seem to act against it and cancel out its effects.

What about coffee and chocolate?

Many people, who have trouble sleeping, do not realize that the coffee enjoyed at suppertime stays in the system for 10 hours. This can prevent sleep. Chocolate can have the same effect, but it does not seem to stay in the body as long.

I use Deep Sleep on repeat mode and my partner goes to bed after I do. What should we do so that we can both get the most benefit from it?

Put Deep Sleep on repeat mode when you go to bed. When your partner goes to bed, he or she can put Deep Sleep back to the beginning of track 1 in repeat mode. This way, you will both obtain the maximum benefit.

Is it possible to hear the infrasounds while listening to Deep-Sleep Ocean.  I think I hear them.

In fact, some people perceive infrasounds as some kind of auditory vibration.  You are probably sensitive the vibrations. Unfortunetaly, there is not a lot of scientific data on the subject, we cannot say, for the moment, how the infrasounds are perceived. Some of our current experiments with EEG, demonstrate that the target BrightWaves frequency are found in the sessions with sounds and BrightWaves and not present in sessions with sounds but without BrightWaves. 

Si j'ťcoute juste la premiŤre chanson est-ce que la musique va avoir un effet positif ?

Je vous recommanderais de faire jouer au moins les 2 premiŤres pistes pour sommeil Profond. C'est-ŗ-dire : ascendantes et descendantes.

Pour Concentration, la premiŤre piste est pour une relaxation de base, on utilise ces mÍmes ondes de base additionnťes d'ondes de stimulation pour la deuxiŤme piste.  On recommande d'utiliser les pistes en alternance.