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Summary of the BrightWaves® Scientific Pilot Study




The results of the scientific pilot study demonstrated that BrightWaves® positively influenced several sleep parameters, although it must be emphasized that some aspects were not modified: total nap time, time between going to bed and turning off the lights, time between waking and rising, and the perceived severity of sleep impairment. However, apart from sleep impairment - a variable for which a tendency for change approaching a significant level was noted - these variables do not seem to have as important an influence on the quality of sleep as the variables that were positively modified following the use of BrightWaves®.


The analyses demonstrated that the use of BrightWaves® gave rise to:


bulletA decrease in sleep onset time;

in the number of sleep interruptions;

in the duration of these interruptions;

bulletAn increase in sleep duration;
bulletAn improvement in feeling rested upon waking up;

of the perception of a deeper sleep;

of beliefs and attitudes;

of sleep quality.



These results have therefore provided a response to the objectives of the study, thus determining that BrightWaves® can positively influence certain important parameters affecting sleep quality and justifying passage to the next step; an experimental study.


However, it must be specified that the pilot study has certain limitations. It does not constitute an experimental research design with the presence of a control group and the random assignment of subjects. Because of this, it was impossible to control the placebo effect or to compare the efficiency of BrightWaves® with any other treatment. Moreover, it would be important during an experimental study to make a diagnosis and/or classification of the severity of the sleep disorders affecting the subjects in order to determine, if significant change occurs, to what extent BrightWaves® influences people suffering from severe and chronic disorders.


In addition, even though the use of BrightWaves® gave rise to positive changes in terms of several parameters influencing the quality of sleep, it is presently impossible to predict the clinical impact of BrightWaves®. It must also be taken into account that no physiological variables were evaluated. Therefore it is impossible to know at this time if BrightWaves® modifies the brain waves of its subjects, thus acting according to the mechanism proposed by its creator.

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